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August 2, 2022 - Author's Spotlight

I thought it would be nice to post books here as well as in my NL. That way you can find them whenever you want to. You can also go back and check out older books as well. Just click the image to check out the book!


A cowboy returns to his hometown, reconnects with his high school crush, and unexpectedly becomes the guardian of his sister's twin babies. Can Caleb and Annie find a way to become a family and see a happily-ever-after in their future this Christmas?

Caleb Galloway arrives home to Fair Creek a few days before Christmas to try to work out a land deal. He recently discovered his girlfriend back home in California stole from him--running up his credit cards behind his back. When he is unexpectedly named the guardian of twins, he finds himself leaning on his high school crush, Annie York, who volunteers to help.

Annie returned home to Fair Creek to work in her cousin's diner, after she lost her reporter job. But her ex abandoned her years ago, and she's broke and struggling alone to support their daughter, Chloe. When Caleb becomes guardian of twin babies, Annie's maternal instincts kick in and she offers to help care for them, arranging for him to live in the apartment next door to hers.

They barely knew one another in school, but Caleb always admired Annie from afar, and spending time with her and his niece and nephew deepens his feelings for her. But in high school, she barely knew he existed.

Can their relationship evolve into a friendship--and perhaps becoming a family? Or is Caleb's heart in danger because Annie's "baby love" may not extend to the twins' cowboy uncle as well?


Two romance tropes for the price of one! Forced Proximity and Second Chance at Love

Abby Morgan has just sold her house and waved goodbye to her kids as they head away to college. She's finally chasing her dream: to live on the North Coast of Maine and to write mystery books. Before she signs off on the purchase of Cherry Tree Island, Abby agrees to spend two weeks alone on the self-sustaining island to ensure she's up to the task. But even in the most isolated of places, Abby meets someone who changes her life in ways that she never could have anticipated.

This is a full-length novel, previously published in four parts as An Island Made for Two.


She was so innocent, lovely and gentle — and the one woman that stirred his heart towards love. But he’d hurt her. Would he get a second chance to right old wrongs?

The day Dakota Callahan left their small town, Sarah was glad.

He was the man she had secretly loved for years. He saved her from the horrible man who tried to kidnap her as a teenager.

But the last time she saw him, Dakota had been facing so much grief, loss and pain that he had overstepped his boundaries with her.

It had shaken Sarah to her core.

Now two years later, Dakota was back. To her, this man was larger than life and twice as dangerous.

Sarah was worried that she would fall for him a second time. This time she feared, the heartache would be more than she could bear.

Dakota couldn’t believe he was back. As he followed the trail of a missing child and her kidnapper, it led him straight to his home town. Worse, now he found himself on the mountain, hurt and in pain.

As a former FBI agent, he was used to tracking criminals and finding missing persons. Being weak and vulnerable was something he hated.

So, when the beautiful Sarah MacDonald finds him limping and in pain, trying to walk down the mountain, he chafes at having to depend on her for help.

Sarah insisted Dakota come to stay with her grandfather Angus MacDonald and her in their small cabin until he was fully healed.

When an angry man — a neighbor on the mountain — tries to force Sarah to marry him, Dakota steps in and offers the unthinkable… a marriage of convenience.

Trouble comes their way and Dakota has to use all his skills to keep Sarah close to protect her, while still protecting his heart.

Will being forced together tear Dakota and Sarah apart, or throw them towards true love?

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