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August Week 1 - Author's Spotlight

I thought it would be easier to post books here rather than in my NL. That way you can find them whenever you want to. You can also go back and check out older books as well. Just click the image to check out the book!


Benny Frasier has always been the class clown type, thriving on the attention and laughter of others. So when his closest friends are all married or spending time with their significant others, he finds himself bored out of his mind. Until a chance delivery to the home of the town ice queen leaves him speechless...and curious.

Allison Mayer learned at a very young age that a thick coat of makeup and a cold demeanor were the only things that would save her from being a source of gossip and bullying. A fact her mother makes sure to remind her of every day. Allison was born with a port wine birthmark that covers half of her face and as a young teen, experienced the power of a few cruel individuals.

She has worked hard to make up for her deficiencies by catering to her mother's wants and keeping her face hidden from the public. So when their mail carrier, the handsome Bennet Frasier, accidentally sees her without makeup, she fears the worst. To her surprise, Benny doesn't make fun of her...he pushes her to step out of her comfort zone and live a life free of worry and fear.

Knowing his reputation as a jokester, can Allison believe Benny's motivations are sincere? Or is he just setting her up for another fall?


They were friends who were almost something more.

Hugh knows appearances are everything. He's handsome, always presents a charming smile, and is the life of every party. It's all a ruse, though. He hides his loneliness behind his fabulous life, but his pain and insecurity run deep. To cope, he keeps his heart cushioned by keeping everyone at arm's length.

A divorced, single mom who has to work multiple jobs to stay afloat is a far cry from the comfortable life Sabrina thought she'd be living. While working at a high-end party, she runs into Hugh, an old crush who disappeared right after he broke her heart. It's easy for her to see right through his act and though Sabrina would have loved to turn down his offer to work as his interior designer, it's immeasurably better than serving appetizers to rich people.

Sabrina tries to focus on creating his dream home, not how kindhearted Hugh is or that he's more handsome than she remembers. It doesn't help that her daughter instantly takes a liking to him either, giving Sabrina glimpses of what it could be like to have a happy family. It would have been easy to surrender her heart to Hugh, but when her guard is down, she's reminded there's no such thing as happily ever after.

Wanting nothing more than to love and be loved, it might be a luxury they can't afford unless they're willing to pay the price.


This Trilogy Includes:

♥ BOOK 1 - For Love…and Donuts

♥ BOOK 2 - To Love…and Renovate

♥ BOOK 3 - With Love…and Reality TV

When a gentle-hearted baker meets a handsome contractor with a heart of gold and a dark secret, neither knows what they are in for.

Can they fix up an old Victorian seaside cottage…and maybe find love along the way? Or will her old boyfriend propose first?

If you love Hallmark movies, fresh donuts, and HGTV home design shows, you will fall in love with Sweetwater Island Ferry! Read the well-loved, bestselling trilogy in its entirety today!


Once upon a time she believed in him. Now he’s banking on that faith to give their love a chance.

Ethan Young understood the town of Sweet Blooms had already passed judgement on him when he was born. He came from the wrong side of the tracks. The best he could hope for was not to wind up in jail. Lydia Mason saw something in him that made him into the wealthy entrepreneur he is today. Now the town of Sweet Blooms needs a miracle of money and investment to save it. Ethan Young will save the day if Lydia Mason makes an honest man of him in front of the town and pretends to be in a relationship with him.

The only two things constant in Lydia Mason’s life is living in Sweet Blooms and loving Ethan Young. When he comes back to Sweet Blooms, she’s not sure if the boy she loved is still in there but she’s willing to take a chance. Can a fake relationship give two souls the opportunity to discover feelings that never died and nurture a love big enough to heal a town?

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