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August Week 4 - Author's Spotlight

I thought it would be easier to post books here rather than in my NL. That way you can find them whenever you want to. You can also go back and check out older books as well. Just click the image to check out the book!


No one wants to be alone for the holidays.

But sometimes, a past of hurt puts finding new love on the backburner.

Tiffany closed her heart to everything but her career when her ex left with another woman. Roger's billions couldn't save his marriage from a tragic ending that left his young daughter motherless.

Career-focused and plagued by past fears, finding someone new is the furthest thing from their minds… Until Valentina Del Torre steps in. The Billionaire Matchmaker knows that a future lies ahead of them, but she can't mend the past.

The fear of more loss, pain and heartache lurks within them both, pushing them apart even as they reach out their arms. Will they finally find peace in each other?

Can they even dare to hope for a holiday miracle?


How did this corporate head honcho wind up as her bakeshop assistant?

Tessa Carlisle enjoys her new life of living in her friend’s massive beach house no one in her family uses and working at Betty’s Bakeshop in an idyllic Outer Banks community—until Dillon Lowe shows up. And what’s he doing sacking out in her bedroom and using her shower? Though Tessa’s never seen any man look this good in boxers.

When Betty needs help at the bakeshop, she makes the terrible mistake of accepting Dillon’s offer to help. This San Francisco executive has his meals catered. He’ll never find his way around the bakery. But it isn’t just the bakeshop Tessa wants to protect. It’s her heart. Each moment she spends with Dillon knocks down another wall she’s built around her feelings. Why can’t she remember he doesn’t plan to stay?

Maybe that’s a good thing, because the only way she can quell these turbulent emotions is for him to go away.


Can a fake marriage save their careers? Or will their feelings turn everything real?

Small Town newspaper reporter, Tessa Randall, dreams of scoring a job with a big city newspaper. An interview with Benson Patrick, quarterback for the New York Giants, might be the opportunity she’s been looking for. When he comes home to Maple Creek for their mutual friends’ wedding, Tessa hopes it’s the perfect chance to interview him. Only Benson isn’t being as cooperative as she’d wanted, and before she knows it, he’s proposing to her. A marriage, even a fake one, might be the edge she needs to land her dream job.

New York Giants quarterback Benson Patrick has never backed down from a dare. When the police catch him doing donuts in Central Park with his beloved truck, Ol’ Bessie, he’s afraid his career is over. After being put on suspension, his coach tells him to settle down and get married or get kicked off the team. When he goes to his buddy’s wedding at his hometown, the beautiful Tessa Randall catches his eye. If he can convince her to marry him, she might be the solution to all his problems. As long as their feelings don’t get involved.


Ken is everything Madisen wants. Declan is everything she swore off. What she doesn't know? They're the same man...

Madisen Davies’ five-year plan doesn’t include rich men or relationships—she swore those off a long time ago. A career is all she needs, or so she thought until she meets charming and handsome Ken.

Billionaire Declan Taggart is tired of conniving money-grubbing vultures disguised as beautiful women. While flying incognito as Ken, he meets beautiful and sassy Madi and thinks he’s finally found someone that sees him and not his money. But when Declan finds Madisen as his new temporary assistant, and she pretends not to know him, he thinks she’s the most conniving vulture of them all.

More than staples and memos start to fly when Declan discovers Madisen wasn’t pretending, and he keeps his alias a secret while trying to get her to fall for his billionaire self.

Can Declan win her heart before it’s too late? Or, will they both lose out on love?

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