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August Week 5 - Author's Spotlight

I thought it would be easier to post books here rather than in my NL. That way you can find them whenever you want to. You can also go back and check out older books as well. Just click the image to check out the book!


He’s an urban planner stranded in a very un-urban town. She wants to show him it’s not the worst place ever. Will love bloom when they’re stuck together?

Most guys in Silver Plum drive big trucks. It’s a thing.

So when sophisticated Parker Newberry crashes his teensy weensy rental car into a street lamp and is stranded while his injuries heal, Anjali Grey’s pretty annoyed. It’s not her fault he’s there, planning to change everything about her hometown. All she wants is to teach yoga, make pottery, and help people.

Parker wants to help people, too. He came to this podunk town as a favor, and now he’s stuck here? He has to get back to his life’s work: developing metropolitan areas and righting the injustices heaped upon his little sister.

When Parker’s forced to accept Anjali’s help, he wonders why the beautiful and intriguing world traveler insists on staying in Silver Plum. But she can’t share her secrets with him, even when her feelings take a surprising turn.

Will their differences make it impossible for them to fall for each other? Or will Parker help free-spirited Anjali finally figure out she wants what everyone else wants: to be known and loved?



Jo Mueller quits her awful job to accompany her grandmother to Ireland to visit her lifelong friend. Although money is tight, her grandmother’s friend comes up with a solution: work as a paid companion for her grandson, Ian while she’s in Ireland. Jo’s remit: get Ian out of his house and more importantly, out of his rut, without letting Ian know of the scheme. Surly on the best of days, Ian proves to be a challenge, and at first it seems like mission impossible. But somewhere along the way, Jo gradually begins to fall in love with Ian.


A freak accident resulting in a serious injury has curtailed Ian Twomey’s professional rugby career. He’s bitter and struggling to adjust. And he’s definitely not interested in showing the Irish sights to his grandmother’s American guest, Johanna. But it’s hard to say no to his grandmother and it’s even harder to resist Jo Mueller’s infectious smile. It doesn’t take him long to realize that life can and will go on, and he knows he has Jo to thank for that. And just as he realizes he does have future and he wants Jo in it, a secret is revealed, threatening his growing feelings for her.


My life as an NFL quarterback was everything I thought I wanted... Married to a beautiful model, on the verge of winning a championship, and making more than enough money to look after my mom and grandpa.

It was perfect… until it wasn’t.

And now that everything’s falling apart, I’m returning to Aston Falls.

It’s been ten years since I’ve been back to my small, quirky hometown. Ten years since that fateful night when I told my best friend’s sister I loved her. Right before I left her. I broke Grace’s heart that night, as well as my own. I had no choice.

When an accidental run-in forces us back into each other’s lives, I do my best to keep my distance… but I can’t. Will Grace ever find a way to forgive me for what I did? Because all I want is a second chance.


One chocolate shop. Two fixer uppers. Three feisty sisters. One sweet love story to bring it all together.

Lily Woods never expected to start life over again at thirty. But when she opens a chocolate shop and buys a dilapidated beach cottage in Wild Harbor, she’s ready to begin a new chapter, spending her days and nights creating fabulous chocolate treats.

TV star Alex Briggs isn’t about to put his heart on the line. He’s finally landed his dream job as the host of a wildly popular home renovation show. Now he’s returning to Wild Harbor to flip a beach cottage, but he never imagined the project would land him next to the captivating girl who rejected him in high school.

Alex never recovered the piece of his heart he gave to Lily all those years ago. How will he keep his distance now that he can’t escape the girl next door?

Lily’s determined to fix up her beach bungalow on her terms, but Alex isn’t about to let her do it alone. Before Lily can stop him, Alex is on a mission to renovate her home and prove he’s the kind of man she can trust. But secrets from their past threaten to destroy their relationship before it begins.

Can this small town girl and big city star overcome their differences and find love again?

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