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Dec Week 4 Books to check out

I thought it would be easier to post books here rather than in my NL. That way you can find them whenever you want to. You can also go back and check out older books as well. Just click the image to check out the book!

Noelle Kidman is still recovering from a bad marriage and even worse divorce. If she decides to remarry, the man will be someone who will go to church with her, pray, and loves her more than anything else. Yet, she is attracted to Blake Montgomery, the town’s wealthy playboy who gambles and drinks with his friends. Blake is wrong for her. If only she could convince her heart of that.

Blake Montgomery has loved Noelle for several years. But being her friend – and her boss – has put him in the friend’s zone. He wants out. He wants her to love him unconditionally. Perhaps he needs the festive holidays to help him win the woman he doesn’t want to live without.


Two wounded women fight for the love of a baby girl.

An inheritance leads Anna to relocate to Lake Tahoe, the city where her heart was broken by Bryson, the only man she ever loved. Family secrets emerge, along with a new relationship, but she doesn’t know if she can trust Bryson not to hurt her again.

Realizing most of her family have passed away, Anna decides to become a foster parent with the hopes of adopting a baby. When baby Ember is placed with her, all her hopes and dreams are wrapped up in the child, and she’s told it’s a slam-dunk adoption case.

That is until Delilah, the child’s birth mother, shows up and decides she wants her baby back.

Neither women expect to form an unlikely friendship, but nothing is impossible with God’s love. With both of their futures hanging in the balance, will Anna and Delilah be able to find peace in the path forward?


Her brother’s best friend is the guy of her dreams. If only he’d see her as more than a friend.

Skylar Schultz has spent half her life loving Franky Middlebury, the only guy who’s ever seen her as more than heiress to the Schultz Chocolate fortune, but she’s always been firmly positioned in the friend zone. As much as she cherishes their friendship, she wishes he would see her as so much more than his best friend’s little sister.

Things aren’t going well for Franky. His girlfriend left him, he’s unhappy as a partner in his father’s law firm, and he feels stuck in a life he didn’t really want. The one bright spot is Skylar. She’s there for him in a way nobody else is, filling his stressful days with laughter and offering unending encouragement.

As their friendship progresses, they begin to rely on each other as they're faced with family drama and career changes. All the while, Skylar hopes their newfound closeness will blossom into more, but Franky is more complicated than the happy-go-lucky guy he appears to be. And when someone new walks into his life, will she be the fresh start he’s been longing for or will he finally see the one who’s been there for him the whole time?

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