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December 27, 2022 - Author's Spotlight

I thought it would be nice to post books here as well as in my NL. That way you can find them whenever you want to. You can also go back and check out older books as well. Just click the image to check out the book!


Welcome to Holly Wreath, where Christmas is always in season!

Get in the mood for the holidays any time of the year with the Holly Wreath series! Included in this sweet Christmas billionaire romance collection are three complete novels: CHRISTMAS MIRACLES IN HOLLY WREATH, CHRISTMAS KISSES IN HOLLY WREATH, and CHRISTMAS WISHES IN HOLLY WREATH.

Christmas Miracles in Holly Wreath: Christmastime is painful for both Ethan and Olivia, but it may be their mutual dislike of the holidays that brings them together and helps them heal.

Christmas Kisses in Holly Wreath: Piper can't escape the small town where her heart was broken while Rudger moves in, looking for a new start. Together, they might not be lonely for Christmas if they can overcome secrets from the past.

Christmas Wishes in Holly Wreath: Katie is content with small town life, but Will left without ever looking back. The more time they spend together, the harder it would be to say goodbye.


She’s a misunderstood teacher. He’s an overwhelmed single dad. Can they learn to trust and let love win?

Micah’s routine life at Black Rock Ranch just turned upside down. He gets to be a dad again! But little Jake has been traumatized and won’t speak, no matter how much Micah prays. On top of that, there’s a new gal at the ranch who is setting his guarded heart awhirl.

When Cassie’s truck breaks down, she’s rescued by a handsome rancher. Sparks fly, he seems to accept her quirks, and she could almost hope something real is developing between them. Except that he's a believer and for her, God doesn't exist.

Can Micah open his heart to trust a woman again? Can Cassie let down her guard enough for Micah to help her face her fears and discover faith in God?


Holiday speed dating. 12 dates in 24 days. Could Lizzie be any more desperate or insane?

It’s been three years since Lizzie’s last date. If she wants to get married and have kids, then she’ll have to put her heart on the line again. Thus the holiday speed dating event her best friend drags her to. Crazy? Yes. Foolish? The jury’s still out. With each disastrous date, Lizzie questions her sanity. Is the algorithm off? The one thing keeping her going: Will. She has to report each date to him, and their video chats are the highlight of her nights. The problem: he’s the one man she can’t have. If only she could meet him under the mistletoe…but that’s against the rules.

Will’s usually a rule follower, but when it comes to Lizzie, his rebellious side leaks out. Hearing about her dates with other men? Torture. Hearing her voice and seeing her face? Pure bliss, especially that dimple he can’t get enough of. He’ll bake up a storm while riding out her twelve dates, and then he can ask her out.

But when Lizzie’s contract ends on Christmas Eve and she’s free to date, a secret comes to light that could smash their chance at happiness like a shattered snowglobe.

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