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Touchdown on Love Sneak Peek

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Chapter 1: Clara

Clara stared at the letter in disbelief. Yes, she had applied, but she hadn’t really expected to get an interview. After all, the Tornadoes were National Champions, and she was just one of the athletic trainers for a local university. True, it was one of the larger, more well-known universities and she had helped rehabilitate several up and coming athletes, but there had to have been hundreds of qualified applicants.

“Is that what I think it is?” Her friend and fellow trainer, Stacy, said as she leaned over her shoulder to read the paper. It had been Stacy’s idea for Clara to apply. The girl was always pushing her to do more, challenge herself. Well, she’d certainly done it this time.

“It is. They want to interview me.”

Stacy’s arms wrapped around her and squeezed her like a grape in a vice. “I knew it. I don’t want to say I told you so, but I told you so.”

Clara chuckled at those words. Stacy enjoyed being right, so being able to say “I told you so” was definitely something she wanted to say. The only problem was, she didn’t know about Clara’s past. She didn’t know that her ex-boyfriend was a wide receiver for the Texas Tornadoes. Could she really work on his team knowing that she would have to see him? And what if he got injured? Could she work that closely with him? Would he even let her?

Stacy stepped back from Clara and crossed her arms. “Okay, what’s going on? You should be ecstatic about this interview yet pensive and hesitant are more the vibes I’m getting from you.”

Clara bit her lip. Did she want to share this story with Stacy? Yes, they had been friends for the last few years, having gone through the same program at college and then ending up on the same college team, but this was not something she was proud of. “I used to date one of the players on the Tornadoes.”

Stacy’s eyes grew larger than quarters. “You did? Which one?”

“Mason Dixon.”

A confused expression clouded Stacy’s face. “Like the boundary line that separates Pennsylvania and Maryland?”

Clara chuckled. “No, like the wide receiver for the Tornadoes, but yes, like the line. His parents have an odd sense of humor.”

“So, who broke it off?” Stacy’s eyebrow lifted as she leaned back and crossed her arms.

Boy if that wasn’t a long story, but not one that Clara was going to go into right now. “I guess I did, sort of.”

A knowing look covered Stacy’s face, and she nodded. “And you’re worried… what? That you’ll fall for him again?”

That was exactly what she was worried about, among other things. “No, not really. It’s been a few years.”

“So, you’re worried that he’s found someone else?”

Well, now she was. She hadn’t even thought of that possibility until it crossed Stacy’s lips. Could she watch him with another woman? “I don’t know exactly what I’m worried about. I guess that it might be weird, that he might not want to work with me.”

That no-nonsense look took over Stacy’s face. It was the same one she used whenever guys tried to say women couldn’t work with football players, and Clara loved it. Normally. “Honey, I’m sure he’s a professional. It’s his job to work with whoever the team hires, and if that’s you, then I’m sure he’ll be fine.

Clara hoped Stacy was right. Of course, she didn’t have the job yet, but this would be a huge stepping stone for her if she got it. She’d be crazy not to go to the interview, but then why did she feel like her life was about to get turned upside down?


The Tornado training facility was huge, and Clara felt like a tiny fish in a big ocean as she walked up the sidewalk to the front door. She hoped they had a receptionist because she didn’t want to get lost in this building. It would be just her luck to run into Mason while wandering around the place looking for the interview.