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February 21, 2023 - Author's Spotlight

I thought it would be nice to post books here as well as in my NL. That way you can find them whenever you want to. You can also go back and check out older books as well. Just click the image to check out the book!


First comes love.

Josie McFarland loves her fiancé Joe for who he is, not what he has. His money is short, but his giving spirit is immeasurable. He hears her and he sees her. And embraces her crazy wild schemes . . . even if it means bringing the North Pole to New York City to fulfill her childhood dream.

Joe Cantonelli hasn’t been the same since a nor’easter blew Josie straight into his heart. She colors his life with laughter and makes him dream of possibilities . . . like the former doorman of The Grande Pearl marrying the grandniece of its richest resident.

Then comes—a future mother-in-law bent on stopping the marriage.

Josie knows Joe is the man for her. But Joe is convinced she can do better. So is her mother.


With only a few days before their Christmas I Dos, Josie is hanging strong to her mustard seed of faith.

She can’t change their hearts, but God can. He can heal the divide and give them their happily ever after.


He’s a grumpy cowboy and a single dad. He’s also my overprotective brother’s best friend... and when I agreed to stay at his ranch, falling for him was never in the plan.

While standing in the barn, I feel myself drawing closer to him, willingly closing what little space is between us.

The chemistry is palpable. Sparks are exploding.

My brother is going to kill us.

But I can’t bring myself to pull away.

Seeing him, I’ve managed to forget the heartbreak from my divorce.

In my head, I know pursuing anything beyond a friendship with him is asking for trouble.

I came here to get back on my feet... But in my heart, I secretly hope he sweeps me off ‘em.


She hates being defined by the wealth she was born into. He sees her for who she is. Can a guy from the wrong side of the tracks overcome his insecurities to offer an heiress his heart?

Architect Iris Stone designs fabulous buildings but can’t manage her love life. Even seemingly perfect dates end up collapsing. Her family insists she’s trying to build castles in the sky without laying any foundation. But that doesn’t stop them from choosing her to plan the next huge family event—something she’s not sure she can pull off solo.

Painfully shy chef Sabastian Diakos, is content working behind the scenes for the billionaire Stone family, even if most of what he does has nothing to do with his culinary skills. They’ve been more than generous. But if he accepts their offer to buy him his own restaurant, he’d never see Iris again. Not that she has any idea of his feelings.

When Sabastian overcomes his shyness to help her with the reunion, he shows her that love is found in unexpected places. Until another billionaire starts pursuing her. Now, Iris is falling for the quiet chef, but not sure what to think. All the years in their house, he’s never shown admiration for her. Could he be the real deal, or is she building castles in the sky again?

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