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February Week 4 - Author's Spotlight

I thought it would be easier to post books here rather than in my NL. That way you can find them whenever you want to. You can also go back and check out older books as well. Just click the image to check out the book!

A cowboy haunted by his past. A woman stalked by a deadly secret.

Pregnant and on the run, Lily Harkin will do anything to protect her unborn child, but no one can know her secret – a secret so horrific it could destroy her and anyone she meets.

Bronc rider Josh Merrick can’t forget the mistake that cost a woman her life. When he finds a frightened, pregnant woman hiding in an abandoned horse trailer, he doesn’t just want to shield her. He sees this as his chance to right the wrong that haunts him day and night.

Josh can’t fight the love he feels for this sweet and gentle woman, but realizes her dark past isn’t far behind. In one terrifying moment, they face a danger that not only reveals a chilling truth, but pulls them into a battle for their lives and a fight against an enemy whose hold on them comes at a price they’d never imagined.


Kate is a young CIA officer who’s made mistakes.

The Agency is giving her a chance for redemption by letting her run U-Tap—a group of middle-aged moms believed to be an untapped source in the fight against terrorism. Put a tired-looking mom behind the wheel of a minivan and she becomes invisible…and the perfect spy.

But Kate secretly fears she’s lost her instinct—that guiding voice that’s kept her safe in the world of espionage.

To run U-Tap, she must work with John, a handsome, experienced officer with a reputation that sends her self-doubts into overdrive.

And when Kate discovers John has secrets of his own, she must trust her instincts or lose everything.


Can an impulsive city-slicker and a hardworking cowboy find common ground at Rosecrown Ranch?

Kate is looking for her next adventure. Fed up with work, she heads to Montana to visit her best friend, Jenny. Soaking up the sun while playing at the ranch will be easy. Adjusting to the handsome cowboy with a chip on his shoulder? That is going to take some work.

Born into a ranching family, hard work is in David’s blood. Generations of cowboys before him passed on their ranching skills—just not a love of the job. When a visitor arrives, she stirs up feelings he would rather ignore.

When tragedy strikes at the ranch, David has a choice to make. How will he choose between the loyalty he was taught and the woman who makes him want to follow his dreams?


She’s the only one who can’t see it. And her boss wants him gone. But what happens when a crafty gang of grannies take matchmaking into their own hands?

Brittany has been delivering babies for over a year now, and she loves it. Working in a maternity ward has been the best decision of her life. The other staff are good to work with, albeit under the leadership of the ferociously efficient Vivien.

Then one day, their world turns upside down. A new midwife starts work on their ward – and he’s a man! Vivien is horrified; it is her firm belief that men have no business delivering babies. Even fathers are suspect and should be banished, in her opinion. But the patients love Jed. And it isn’t long before he realizes that he and Brittany have met before, many years ago. Unfortunately, their shared past brings back unpleasant memories, and Brittany withdraws from their blossoming friendship.

When Brittany’s grandmother, Blanche, visits the hospital, she realizes that Jed would be perfect for Brittany. The only problem is convincing the pair that they belong together. Not to mention Vivien. She’s the biggest pain in the butt anyone has ever met. Blanche enlists the help of the Granny Gang for some sneaky matchmaking and a whole lot of meddling, with unexpected consequences.

Will Brittany see what everyone else sees in Jed? What happens when the Granny Gang sets out to bring about love?

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