January Week 1 - Author's Spotlight

I thought it would be easier to post books here rather than in my NL. That way you can find them whenever you want to. You can also go back and check out older books as well. Just click the image to check out the book!


A retired Marine colonel and the lonely, unofficial town matchmaker are thrown together as the fate of the Wounded Warriors Rescue hangs in the balance.

Jim Larsen is all set to move home to his family's dairy farm in Wisconsin—what better place to cool his feelings for Kat than in the frozen north? It would be a great plan, too, if only he could leave his broken heart behind in Liberty Cove.

He waited too many years for her widow's heart to heal. Now convinced that he'll never compete with the memory of her departed husband, he understands it's time to move on.

The drive home will be a lonely one, but not as lonely as the long winter nights ahead of him with nothing but the sound of cattle to keep him company.

Kat Davenport has almost run out of smiles. The man she was certain would make a move for her heart, made a move across the country instead, causing her to question everything she thought she knew about love. While still in shock about Jim's sudden departure, she learns that someone on the city council has it in for the Wounded Warrior Rescue.

A letter arrives informing her that she's got one month to clear out of the rescue. Zoning laws that haven't mattered to anyone for the past twenty years are now the weapons that threaten to destroy her life's work and the home she's made for the returning veterans who find refuge under her roof.

Kat and the rescue boys mobilize to save the rescue, but just as a plan starts to come together, she receives devastating news about Jim… news that brings back haunting memories of the night she lost her husband to a heart attack many years ago.

She wants nothing more than to be by Jim's side until she can be sure he'll pull through, but can she risk leaving the rescue in the middle of a crisis knowing she's got a houseful of men and rescue dogs depending on her?


Everyone needs a forever home. At Double Dog Ranch, four business-minded cowboys find love and family where they least expect it.

Dylan Tate grew up on Double D Ranch, named for him and his twin brother, Dallas. As the ranch has started to fail, though, he and his brother have been increasingly at odds. Dallas wants to turn the property into an animal rescue, while Dylan wants to boost the ranch’s earnings by marketing their cattle as “grass-fed beef.”

London Kelly is outraged to learn one of the rescue animals from her Galveston pet rescue has ended up at one of the cattle ranches in nearby Redemption Creek. Her goal is to track down the man who bought the dog and appeal to his pet-lover side. But she has no idea that Dallas signed his brother’s name on the forms—and Dylan represents everything London despises.

As they get to know each other, Dylan realizes he needs to tell London the truth. But it soon becomes clear they have different goals, and those differences may just be too great to overcome.


He’s a flirt who won’t commit. She’s a broken-down country singer.

Caleb Black dances and flirts to his heart’s content—that’s all he’s capable of since his high-school sweetheart went off to chase her dreams. He’s made quite a name for himself and the horses at Black Rock Ranch, but watching his older brother fall in love shows him what a hole there is in his life.

Singing and writing music was all Jo Manning ever wanted. But when she breaks down under the relentless schedule and the pressure to produce—and when her manager runs off with all her money—the only place to heal is her family’s small ranch in the Colorado Rockies. Her parents need help, her daughter needs a place to call home, and Jo? She does not need help from the man she left behind.


Hot guy + EX-WIFE = too much drama in my book.

This cute Christian firefighter has me thinking twice, though.

I’m turning 30, still single and with baby plans feeling out of reach.

So, when Alex Meed, a gorgeous honest fireman with abs of steel says “Hello” to me, I can’t help but want him to rescue me!

He checks all the boxes. He's got a hold on me that I can't escape. His smile and the way his inviting gaze makes my knees weak...

It all feels so perfect. That is, until he reveals a secret that could tear both of our worlds apart at the seams.

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