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January Week 4 - Author's Spotlight

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

I thought it would be easier to post books here rather than in my NL. That way you can find them whenever you want to. You can also go back and check out older books as well. Just click the image to check out the book!

Dashing and illustrious Mack Duncan is a shoo-in for mayor in the upcoming Silver Plum election. That is, until ghosts from his family’s past are dredged up, and he starts dropping like a rock in the polls. When his mom and her best friend tell him to ask the caring and beautiful school teacher, Cady Marshall, to join him in a marriage of convenience, he’s appalled.

Cady’s even more appalled at the crazy scheme. They can’t ask her to marry him just to help him win. But when she realizes that Mack becoming mayor is her hometown’s last hope of saving their water and her mother’s flowers, she agrees. Besides, this “wedding” will give her ailing mother the chance to see her child walk down the aisle.

As Cady and Mack are forced to spend nearly every moment together, their feelings begin to shift. But when the forces combined against Mack prove fatal to his election hopes, will Cady’s career dreams force them to say goodbye? Or can true love actually happen by convenience?


Genevieve Winters has always known that at her grandmother's passing, she would inherit a run down mansion on the Oregon coastline. With no other living family, Genni sacrificed her teenage and college years to care for her ailing grandmother and saved every penny possible in order to restore the home to its former glory. All with the plan to open a bed and breakfast, giving herself the stability she has always craved. But when a motorcycle riding bad boy comes into town claiming half of the home is his...everything she's worked for is jeopardized.

Cooper James has made every mistake in the book and paid dearly for them too. So when his grandfather dies, leaving him a half ownership of an old beach home, Coop realizes this is his chance to start fresh. With his few possessions strapped on the back of his bike, Coop moves across the country to a small seaside town with fewer residents than his last apartment complex. Most of the town welcomes him with open arms... all except the spunky and beautiful part-owner that Coop must not only learn to get along with, but keep himself from falling for as well. He's learned the hard way that mixing business and pleasure would be the biggest mistake of all.

When a claim is made against the property, Genni and Cooper must learn to work together or they risk losing everything. A partnership, however, comes with its own risks...their hearts.


One epic collection. Twelve weddings to remember. RSVP for your front-row seat to inspirational romances that last a lifetime.

Romance Authors include:

Hallee Bridgeman, Kari Trumbo, T.K. Chapin, Chautona Havig, Shoshanna Gabriel, Dori Harrell, Liwen Y. Ho, Lisa M. Prysock,

Camy Tang, Jan Thompson, Marion Ueckermann, and Jaycee Weaver


Heartwarming Regency romances filled with mystery, intrigue, surprising twists, and of course, love! These are clean and wholesome, stand-alone romances.

An Earl’s Agreement - An arranged marriage turns dangerous when he will stop at nothing to make her his bride! Will her hero prevail?

Married to a Marquess - After her wedding day, Alice never saw her husband again. She must now take charge of her own life if she is to ever know happiness!

A Viscount’s Second Chance - Henry is thrilled to have a second chance at love, but he risks losing Eleanor again when a scandal threatens to tear them apart!

A Duke for Christmas - Isabella did not want to end up on Charles’ doorstep, but it might be exactly what both of them need… A clean, Regency romance to warm your heart.

Unexpected Earl - Catherine is enamored with Lord Kerr and plans to marry him, but Lord Linton will do all he can to stop the union.

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