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July 25, 2023 - Author's Spotlight - Book Recommendations

I thought it would be nice to post books here as well as in my NL. That way you can find them whenever you want to. You can also go back and check out older books as well. Just click the image to check out the book!


The two of us have been best friends forever. But one of us is faking it.

Gabe and I are the dynamic duo of Hunter’s Creek and have been ever since we were kids. My bestie is not only sweet and loyal, but he’s totally hot in that flannel-wearing lumberjack way of his. Not that I look at him like that.

Well, not since high school.

Thank goodness we have each other, because life in a small town can bore the socks right off you.

At least that was true until Hollywood showed up, bringing along hottie Joe Turner. The only problem is that Gabe hates Joe and he’s not letting me enjoy my chance at romance.

The Hunter’s Creek Ladies Committee, aka a bunch of women with nothing better to do, thinks it’s because Gabe is in love with me. But there’s no way that can be it.


Could they be right?


A people-pleasing cowboy, the fiery redhead that he plans to tame, and the fake engagement that brings a Christmas miracle.

Timothy Johnson has always done what was expected of him, and since his little brother’s wedding and adoption of their nephew, his parents have put pressure on Timmy to start a family of his own.

After unintentionally finding out a secret about the newest employee at Christmas Tree Ranch, he comes up with an idea way outside his comfort zone. An idea that could just make everyone’s dreams come true, that is if he can convince the alluring redhead that he’s more than her first impression of him. For once in his life, he decides to go out on a limb and play with fire.

Ember Brown has been running most of her life. She’s tired and wants to put down roots. She finds the perfect small town and a job at a local ranch, but the owner's grandson overheard her on the phone with her brother and now he knows her secret. What’s worse is that he’s drop-dead gorgeous.

Every time Timothy visits the ranch, she wonders if it will be the day he exposes her, forcing her to flee once again. The holidays are coming and she wants more than anything to rest, so when he shocks her by proposing a fake engagement, she warily agrees.

Christmas Tree Hill has its own magic, drawing the two together on a Christmas mission that leaves them both realizing more is at stake than they ever thought possible.


Travel back in time as six brave young women bound by their experience surviving a Yellow Fever epidemic leave the hills of Tennessee and travel West as mail-order brides. Fans of Western historical romance set in the late 19th century will root for each potential bride as she starts her adventure, seeking refuge and a chance for a new life. Will their quest lead them to love and happiness underneath the Texas sky?

Inspired by true events impacting Memphis, Tennessee, here are six stories in chronological order, connected to the Counting Stars Children’s Home and the Heaven-Inspired matchmakers who worked together to create beauty from ashes.

A Fresh Start for Christmas – The last thing Mike Montgomery wants is to marry again. But his family has other plans and completes an application for a mail-order bride without his permission--even changing some of his preferences to make him seem more intriguing.

A Bride for David - Time is not on the side of David Taylor. He has a nephew and niece to consider, and his attorney has warned him that he will lose custody to their rich grandfather if he doesn't have a wife. Not a gambler by nature, but rather than risk losing his family, he's desperate enough to marry by proxy.

Willow's Worth - Leo Weaver helped his father develop a successful farm and volunteers as a deputy sheriff. But handsome and charming, Leo’s become the target of several well-meaning ladies in the community who have submitted his name as a candidate for a new matchmaking venture. The trouble is, he's the last to know.

A Beekeeper for Christmas –Encouraged by his brother’s success with his mail-order bride, Moses Montgomery is ready to take a chance. After all, he orders things from a catalog all the time. Why not a wife?

Magnolia's Measure – Encouraged by his friend’s success engaging the assistance of a matrimonial agency, Jay Mathews, a successful businessman, chooses to begin the process in search of his own mail-order bride. The idea of putting another person’s needs in front of his own is foreign. So he’s shocked when a young cook from an orphanage intrigues him. Can he measure up?

A Bride For Alston –Alston Pike, Engineer, and Millwright, believes hard work is the cure to mend a broken heart. Enticed by his grandmother's offer to fund his new project, he agrees to marry within three months. Will Alston's business-minded approach to marriage leave him wanting more?

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