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July 4, 2023 - Author's Spotlight - Book Recommendations

I thought it would be nice to post books here as well as in my NL. That way you can find them whenever you want to. You can also go back and check out older books as well. Just click the image to check out the book!


He’s loved her since the first day they met, but she’s more interested in helping others find their happily ever afters.

Eve has spent her young adult life playing matchmaker for the guests at Sweet Paradise Resort. Just because she hasn’t found love yet doesn’t mean she’s doomed to live alone, does it? She has different dreams that will always come first. One day, she’s going to be the head organizer for the events at the resort, and nothing is going to stop her.

Gabriel can’t remember a day when he didn’t have feelings for Eve. She’s always been his bright light in an otherwise dim world. Eve doesn’t know about his feelings, but she will because he’s finally going to do it. He’s going to ask her out.

Then everything gets tipped sideways when Eve insists on setting Gabriel up with someone who would be perfect for him. But there’s a problem. Seeing him with someone does something strange to her heart.

Is it possible she’s made the biggest mistake of her life? Can she get up the courage to admit there is no one else she’d rather be with?


Can Chase survive three months at Lonestar Ranch or will he lose Samantha…forever?

Chase Caldwell returns home to Lonestar Ranch for one reason: to satisfy the conditions of his estranged father's will, collect the money, and run. But first he must survive an entire summer as the ranch’s co-caretaker. Then he'll unload the property, shake the Texas dust from his boots, and leave behind heartbreaking memories, forever. At least, that's his plan until he comes face to face with Samantha Baldwin.

Samantha Baldwin has one goal: to save Lonestar and its camp for special-needs kids like her daughter, Addie. She’s run the camp just fine on her own—at least until Chase Caldwell shows up on her doorstep. Now, Sam will have to soften Chase's stone-cold heart and find a way to make him put aside hurts from the past to fall in love with the ranch all over again. Not an easy task, especially when she realizes Lonestar isn't the only thing that needs saving.

Can Sam's devotion and the love of a little girl teach Chase to let go of the past and trust in a plan for the future before both the ranch and any chance at a happily-ever-after are lost?


Will Rachel's relationship with her fiancé survive her mother's interference in the wedding plans?

Rachel is determined to have a simple wedding without her overbearing mother taking control. When she stumbles upon her dream home with her fiancé, a surprising deal is offered by her mom: use the wedding savings for the house, and Mom will foot the bill for the wedding. There's just one catch—Mom gets a greater say in the wedding plans.

Reluctantly, Rachel agrees and moves back home to plan the wedding with her mother. Overwhelmed by their clashing visions and her mother's disregard for her feelings, Rachel determines to stand up to her. But despite her best efforts, Mom steamrolls over Rachel's wishes, making crucial decisions behind her back.

As the wedding planning progresses, tensions rise and Rachel’s relationship with her fiancé, Matt, is put to the test. Will they make it through unscathed? Or will the threat of a future, overbearing mother-in-law tear the relationship apart?

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