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July Week 2 - Author's Spotlight

I thought it would be easier to post books here rather than in my NL. That way you can find them whenever you want to. You can also go back and check out older books as well. Just click the image to check out the book!


He’s hiding a secret that could ruin everything. She trusts him until it comes out. Will it be the end of love? Or can they learn to be honest with each other?

Ella Harwood has the perfect life. Chef in a trendy seafood restaurant in Seattle. Family and friends close by. Single and loving it (and no, she’s not looking for love, thank you).

So it’s a shock when she suddenly loses her job. Now how is she going to pay for her cute inner-city apartment?

Her mother comes up with the perfect solution: Ella can spend the summer caring for their grandmother’s rambling B & B in Cockleshell Bay so Gran can take a vacation. Cockleshell Bay? In the middle of nowhere? Ella has no intentions of doing any such thing. But she soon finds herself out of options and on her way to Cockleshell Bay.

Things get off to a rocky start when the locals assume she’s part of some conspiracy amongst the rich and famous to buy up all the houses in the area, but she’s determined to stick it out, no matter what they think. It doesn’t help that she has a secretive guest who goes off each day to do - what? No one knows, and the rumors abound.

When a storm comes, Ella finds herself forced to spend time with her reclusive but attractive neighbor, who also happens to be helpful around the house. As they spend time together, Ella gets to know Flynn better, but what about the rumors? Is Flynn the person everyone thinks he is? Will Ella be able to trust him when it counts? Or is he hiding a secret that could ruin everything?


Sworn to sacrifice for his country. Sworn to sacrifice for a stranger.

When a Marine whose job is to protect data systems from cyber attacks witnesses a woman in peril, his instincts kick in to protect her from a fatal attack. Unable to get her out of his mind, he's compelled to find her. Because his role in her life seems beyond being just her protector. And when they meet again, he realizes he's in love with her. But Jenna's scars run deep. Can he help her overcome her haunted past?

Jenna can't stop thinking about the stranger who rescued her from a nearly fatal attack by her boyfriend. For reasons she can't explain, she feels drawn to her rescuer. When he befriends her, she is surprised by how tender and compassionate he is. His affection for her is genuine, safe, and she finds herself falling for him too.

But how can Jenna give Blane her heart when it's been battered? When she doesn't feel worthy of love?


When Alberta Darcy’s reputation is threatened, will love win out?

Miss Alberta Darcy is delighted when her mother, Elizabeth Darcy, takes her to London for the summer Season. When she meets Mr. Wetherby, she finds herself instantly drawn to him and he, it seems, to her. However, when Mr. Wetherby suddenly pulls away from her, Alberta is left confused and dismayed. Is her chance for happiness with Mr. Wetherby gone forever?

Mr. Charles Wetherby thinks that Alberta Darcy is the most wonderful young lady and fully intends to court her – only for an old adversary to show himself. When Miss Darcy’s reputation is threatened, there is nothing he can do except draw himself away from her. But will he let his enemy triumph? Or can he find another way to defeat his foe and, at the same time, keep Miss Darcy safe?

Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice Clean and Wholesome Continuation is an 8-book series. Every book tells a complete romance (no cliff hangers) story for someone who we were introduced to in Pride and Prejudice. Books 1-4 recount the births of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth’s children. Books 5-8 follow their children’s lives, struggles and romances.


When San Diego videographer, Chance McMillan discovers a food photographer will shoot his friend's wedding, he's outraged. Australian, Melissa Turner isn't afraid to speak her mind. Her fire and spunk surprise Chance, and now he doesn't want her to leave the US. He offers Melissa a documentary project to extend her stay, but as single parents, could two nations, two broken families build a bridge to a safe middle ground?***

Can be read as a stand alone. Melissa Turner from book one (More Than a Second Chance) gets her own story. Melissa tags along to San Diego as a photographer for Lachlan's sister's wedding. Head strong Melissa, who has "no filter" clashes with videographer, Chance, who's also a single parent. Can she overcome her misconceptions of relationships and give him a chance before she leaves the US?

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