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July Week 4 - Author's Spotlight

I thought it would be easier to post books here rather than in my NL. That way you can find them whenever you want to. You can also go back and check out older books as well. Just click the image to check out the book!


Missy wants her own way. Jerrod’s enjoying the chase. Will two determined people see past their own strong wills and find love?

Jerrod’s a caterer trying to manage life, love, and business while nothing goes as planned. His business has been first place because that’s what it takes to achieve success. When he connects with Missy, sparks fly.

Missy’s looking for a strong man, not another male fan. When she meets Jerrod, she gets a wake-up call and finds out that not all men are boring. No one has challenged her like Jerrod has. Will he be the perfect man for her?

Can they each see past their own goals to discover each other’s vulnerabilities and fall in love?


For an ex-cop turned private investigator, I’ve carved out a pretty nice life for myself. Yes, life is good, but that doesn’t stop me from seeking closure and justice for victims of the darker side of Chattanooga. Some would call me reckless. But I’m just doing it my way, and it works. These then are my stories.

Book 1: It was on a wild December night in 2015, close to midnight, when I found myself on the Walnut Street Bridge. Moments later I was staring down into the terrified eyes of a young woman—just seconds before she slipped through my fingers and fell to her death. Who was she? Why did she kill herself? The look on that girl’s face will haunt me for the rest of my days. I had to find the answers…


She rescues stray dogs, but can she find a forever home for herself?

Robin Cooper’s favorite people are dogs. She’s learned the hard way that people can’t be trusted, and bullying has left its mark on her: her planned career is down the tubes and she’d much rather rescue strays and daydream happy endings than rely on people…until an unexpected encounter with a ranch hand makes her re-think her sheltered safety.

Cliff Jackson’s world fell apart when his father died and the ranch went to auction. He’s trying to get his head straight while working as a hand on his uncle’s ranch near McCormick’s Creek, Oregon. Then Robin Cooper enters his life with her smile, her compassion, and her magic around dogs. Could there be room for her alongside his grief and uncertain future?

Robin gathers her courage to start a local animal shelter. She’ll need funding, council approval and, most of all, Cliff’s support. But when the ranch has problems, Cliff is torn between helping his uncle and keeping his promises to Robin.

Will Robin retreat to her four-legged friends or choose love with all its risks?


Ann Knorr is just a companion…will she become a spinster or find the love she is looking for?

Ann Knorr is just a companion to Lady Spencer during her first London Season. She has the grace and skill to smooth over societal faux pas which unexpectedly becomes essential in managing Lady Spencer’s eccentricities. Where will she go after the London Season? Will she become a true spinster?

Everton Cormick promised Claveston, Lady Gertrude’s brother, that he would look out for his sister during the Season, plus he tries to mind his younger brother as well. In doing so, he travels in the same circles as Ann Knorr, and they seem to connect on so many levels! As impressed as he is with Ann, he can’t contemplate marriage when he still lives in the past with his childhood sweetheart.

Can he put the past aside and recognize the future stands in front of him?

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