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June 20, 2023 - Author's Spotlight

I thought it would be nice to post books here as well as in my NL. That way you can find them whenever you want to. You can also go back and check out older books as well. Just click the image to check out the book!


She’s a single mom with deep roots. He’s a travel writer who’s never in one place for long. Is there any hope for their romance this Christmas?

Sophie Springer has revived Christmas Week in Holiday Harbor, her late husband’s hometown. She wants her son to experience what his father did when he was a kid. It’s been a lot of work, but she’s happy to do it. And she jumps at the chance to spread the word in Wander and Journey Magazine when they offer to write an article about it.

Thomas Hall hasn’t spent a holiday with his family for the last six years. As a travel writer, he’s never in the States for Christmas. But this year, his boss is sending him to Holiday Harbor for his next assignment, which happens to be where his sister lives.

Sophie and Thomas start off on the wrong foot, but they need to spend the week together for the article. Will they be able to get along? Or by the grace of God, is romantic Christmas magic floating in the air in Holiday Harbor?


Three friends – All starting over - Together!

A marriage gone wrong, an unexpected foster child and an abusive relationship cause three women to reconsider their lives.

Katie was living her dream life – married with children in a wonderful home in Nantucket. It was exactly what she’d always wanted. But Adam suddenly decides he wants a divorce and the dream becomes a nightmare.

Jessica´s carefully crafted plans for her life are upended when one of her closest friends dies suddenly, and names her as guardian to her son, Liam. Her life is thrown into chaos as she tries to rise to the challenge.

Zoe is proud of her success, but her awful taste in men creates a dangerous situation from which she has to flee.

This book leads you through each woman’s journey and the decisions and sacrifices they choose in their battle to not only exist, but Live!


Jade didn’t mean to run away the week of her wedding.

It just...happened.

One minute she was refereeing family drama and the next she was speeding down the road in the dead of night like an escaped convict.

But she wasn’t ready to go back...not yet.

Being a first-year teacher and a bride-to-be left Jade a frazzled shell of her usual bubbly self – which isn’t who she wants to be. Now the school year’s over, the wedding is a week away, and she’s panicking about the reception, the seating chart, and most of all their future together.

It’s not that she doesn’t love Vance, they're high school sweethearts, after all. When she finds a box of mementos Jade’s reminded of what it was like to fall in love. But so many years together have left their once exciting relationship in a rut. Not exactly an enticing preview of married life.

Will her once doting boyfriend, turned distracted fiancé become a distant husband?

With miles between her and wedding responsibilities, Jade’s looking back on their relationship and wondering if their happily ever after isn’t guaranteed after all. The Belles, her three best friends since college, come to the rescue...but are they in time to keep Jade from making the biggest mistake of her life?

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