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June Week 2 - Author's Spotlight

I thought it would be easier to post books here rather than in my NL. That way you can find them whenever you want to. You can also go back and check out older books as well. Just click the image to check out the book!


Can the black sheep of the family find his way back home?

He's a preacher's kid and the black sheep of the family. Since his father and confidant died, Brad Tolbrook has been lost. Aimless. Unmotivated. He has withdrawn from his family, and built walls around his heart to prevent anyone from getting close. With a struggling business, unchecked emotions and some unhealthy coping mechanisms, his world is crumbling around him. Everything he touches turns to ruin, and he's on the brink of giving up.

Even his relationships are complicated, and some unexpected news proves how much of a disappointment he is to his family. But could this be the turning point for Brad? Is it possible to find joy amidst the ruins of his life? Can one life have the power to completely turn his around?

Remnants of the Heart is book 3 in the Winds of Change series, an uplifting series of family, love and faith.


I, Holiday Brown, have it all. A platinum record. Multi-million dollar home in Manhattan that I share with my two best friends. Life is looking fantastic until my roommate’s brother decides to bunk in our guestroom while his house gets renovated.

W. Emmett Bell has always been the bane of my existence. He’s annoying, stubborn, a know it all, and just might be the most gorgeous man I’ve ever laid eyes on. But I refuse to fall for him. But when his sister’s threatened by a stalker, dynamics change. His unwavering faith isn’t quite as self-righteous as I’d always thought, and maybe he has a good side I’ve overlooked all these years.

Or maybe it’s all too much trouble.

The Trouble With Love is the first book in the Christian Chick Lit series: Faith & Fortune.


He’s one court date away from ruining his life. She’s the one person that can help him. And she loathes him. Can he redeem himself enough to make her believe he’s changed?

Griffin McGuire is lucky Judge “Last Chance” Jones sees something in the twenty-four-year-old dog-flipper. Something that makes him want to give the guy one more shot at turning his life around.

That’s why the Judge orders Griffin to enter Redemption House for thirty days. He’ll have to face his demons and work at Maverick Farms—an animal rescue—run by Mave Frayer—animal lover and advocate. Mave loves animals more than people—they’re less likely to let you down.

When Griffin finds out that Mave’s hands aren’t exactly clean, and how far she’ll go to protect the animals she loves and cares for—he realizes there’s more to the woman in control of his future. And Mave’s not sure what to do about the man who’s willing to risk his freedom to help her with her cause. How far are they willing to go to protect the things they care about? And will it blow Griffin’s last chance at freedom?

Rescuing the Bad Boy is book one in the Last Chance at Love series that is a sweet romance free from language and sexual content.


One week in a Haitian orphanage changes Araceli’s world and her heart.

Araceli is searching for a way to make a difference. When an opportunity to volunteer on a service trip to a Haitian orphanage comes her way, she will do anything to go, including facing her childhood nemesis.

Kyle followed his mother’s footsteps and oversees the charity arm of the family’s multibillion-dollar empire. Now if he could only find a wife who shares his passion for giving not only money but time. A twist of fate sends him to Haiti to supervise a group of volunteers.

After Araceli accidentally puts herself in danger, she and Kyle must pretend to be in a relationship to keep her safe. As her walls come down, she finds herself opening her heart to the orphans ... and to Kyle.

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