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June Week 4 - Author's Spotlight

I thought it would be easier to post books here rather than in my NL. That way you can find them whenever you want to. You can also go back and check out older books as well. Just click the image to check out the book!


A bossy cowboy. A single mom in hiding. Life at Black Rock Ranch just might explode.

Maddy Johnston wants one thing: safety for her and her daughter. She finds it in the back of beyond at the Black Rock Ranch, as long as she can keep her identity a secret. But her ex is on her trail, and the rancher she’s falling for prizes honesty. Not good when he doesn’t even know her real name.

Adam Black likes to be in control of everything: his livestock, his ranch, his life. He handles it well until a new accountant shows up. He’s mesmerized by Maddy’s glorious curls and luscious smile, but he has too many worries to have time for love—especially now that his father is having difficulties.

Adam must learn to let go and let love in, but what happens if Maddy can't overcome her past?


Jocelyn doesn't like him... because of his outrageous ego.

Michael's driven to succeed... at all costs.

When faced with an inheritance problem, Michael will use anyone or anything to get what he wants. In this case...20,000 prime acres and a wife.

His primary target...Jocelyn.

Surely she'll marry him if he makes it worth her while.

Unfortunately for him, Jocelyn can't be bought.

Will he be able to convince her to work with him before the clock runs out?

Jocelyn will do whatever it takes to thwart his plans.

Can they overcome their personal goals in order to find love?


He was only supposed to come for the summer. What he didn't plan on was falling in love and staying.

Feather Star Bay in Texas' Gulf Coast Region might not be everyone's ideal place to live, but for Dani O'Keefe, it's heaven on Earth. That is, until a good-looking and wildly popular author stumbles into her bookshop. Too bad he's also clumsy. Dani figures Chet Westerlin can help her boost sales, but Chet is trying to keep under the radar, not because of his fans—because his ex-wife is stirring up trouble. Maybe they can help each other.

Chet thought that staying at the O'Keefe family's bed and breakfast in Feather Star Bay would be the perfect getaway. What he didn't count on was getting mixed up in a redheaded trio's concern over their widowed mother wanting to date again, or Dani's bookshop dilemma. If only Dani wasn't so beautiful and sweet, Chet would have an easier time walking away, as he knows he should. But there's only so much a man can take.

Will Dani and Chet learn to lean on each other, and will their attraction for each other develop into something more? Or will their romance be as short and fleeting as a feather blown by the wind? Read the first book in Laura L. Walker's new Christian beach romance series today!


She believes in first impressions . . . and his was the worst!

Jessie Winslow will do anything to make her dreams of getting a house of her own come true. Even work with the arrogant, albeit handsome, one-time actor turned real-estate mogul on his new land development deal in her beloved hometown of Harvest Ranch. That is if she doesn't throttle him first.

But she has bigger fish to fry than him—like bringing to justice the man who robbed her cousins and a bunch of other people in town of millions of dollars. She may feel a little guilty for vouching for the guy; guilty enough to sidle up to his charming brother for answers to his whereabouts. Alexander Young wants to finally prove that he's more than the handsome face on the big screen, and this new land deal in Harvest Ranch is the perfect way to do it. He doesn't want to get involved with the townsfolk of Harvest Ranch or anyone for that matter. They all just want him for his fame anyway. But he can't stop thinking about the local he and his business partner hired to film their project for them. Jessie's apparent disgust for him is refreshing, her wit, charming, and her eyes, distracting.

Not that it matters, he's not here for the girl. If only he hadn’t tried to kiss her within minutes of meeting her . . . maybe then she wouldn’t loathe him. Besides she’s more interested in the one man Alex hates more than anything.

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