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June Week 5 - Author's Spotlight

I thought it would be easier to post books here rather than in my NL. That way you can find them whenever you want to. You can also go back and check out older books as well. Just click the image to check out the book!


Arden Mayhall doesn’t know what to do with her life anymore. Approaching sixty, it’s not as if she can go out and find a job to fill the time she used to spend caring for her beloved husband. Her degree in early childhood education was helpful for raising her children and nurturing her family, but now her adult children and adorable grands don’t need her as much. So, what now? Since her husband’s passing, time, once a precious commodity, she has in abundance, and her faith, once strong and sure, wavers.

After losing his wife to a drunk driver, retired naval officer Sawyer Ransom decides to start fresh in secluded Reunion Ridge. He’d visited the scenic North Carolina mountain town several times in the past but hasn't been back since breaking things off with his first love. Career military, he couldn’t ask Arden to wait for him to return home from his second deployment or even to consider the life of a military spouse. The woman belonged in the small town, close to her family, while his career spanned continents.

A leaky sink, an orphaned puppy, and a family in need throw them together again. Will Arden give him a second chance to show how well their lives fit together now? Will love and faith win her heart or has that ship already sailed?


He’s an urban planner stranded in a very un-urban town. She wants to show him it’s not the worst place ever. Will love bloom when they’re stuck together?

Most guys in Silver Plum drive big trucks. It’s a thing.

So when sophisticated Parker Newberry crashes his teensy weensy rental car into a street lamp and is stranded while his injuries heal, Anjali Grey’s pretty annoyed. It’s not her fault he’s there, planning to change everything about her hometown. All she wants is to teach yoga, make pottery, and help people.

Parker wants to help people, too. He came to this podunk town as a favor, and now he’s stuck here? He has to get back to his life’s work: developing metropolitan areas and righting the injustices heaped upon his little sister.

When Parker’s forced to accept Anjali’s help, he wonders why the beautiful and intriguing world traveler insists on staying in Silver Plum. But she can’t share her secrets with him, even when her feelings take a surprising turn.

Will their differences make it impossible for them to fall for each other? Or will Parker help free-spirited Anjali finally figure out she wants what everyone else wants: to be known and loved?


A widow determined to remain alone, an actor with a playboy reputation, and a charity on the brink of going bankrupt.

Widow Maggie Lawrence has no room in her life for relationships. What with her charity consultant work and her undercover writing career, there’s just no time—or so she tells herself. When she meets Levi Martin, her resolve is tested, but she’s determined to help his charity and keep him at arm’s length.

Actor Levi Martin is desperate to save Geeks for Fibrosis—a charity he started in his sister’s memory and he's willing to do anything. Even if it means working with a notoriously hardnosed charity consultant, Maggie Lawrence.

When they team up, they soon realize maybe they can save more than just his charity.


A single dad who wasn’t looking for love, a barrel racer wanting a family, and the little girl who brings them together...

Courtney has made her dream of becoming a barrel racing champion come true, but as she watches her friends all find love, her dreams shift.

Dallas lost his wife to cancer and is afraid to open his heart again. His daughter, Rebekah, is his entire world, and he is happy to leave it that way. Rebekah sees her dad is lost and has a different plan.

Courtney knows that family is more than blood deep, being adopted has taught her that much. She wonders if love can go even deeper...deep enough to heal the hurt in Dallas and open his heart up to second chances.

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