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March 1, 2022 - Author's Spotlight

I thought it would be nice to post books here as well as in my NL. That way you can find them whenever you want to. You can also go back and check out older books as well. Just click the image to check out the book!


Olivia Williams has always fancied herself something of a matchmaker, and she's set her matchmaking sights on her fellow cowboys at Melody Meadow Ranch. If she has her way, each of the cowboys will be partnered up in no time at all! Meet Jonas, the single dad; Levi, the cowboy billionaire; and Seth, the former soldier. They aren't gonna know what hits 'em in this heartwarming romances!


What hope is there when the pain of the past revisits the present?

Seven years ago, Melanie Coombes made a heart-breaking decision to protect the man she loved. Broken inside, she accepted her fate, worked hard, and buried her pain and disappointment in her career.

Managing a busy ER in Sea Haven Beach, she never expected to see Wade Acton again. Let alone work alongside him or discover her feelings from years before had never gone away.

But all too soon, old wounds are reopened, and the painful truth she’s harboured for so long is revealed when an unexpected family crisis thrusts her into the role of caretaker for her nephew.

After all their years apart, can Melanie find the strength to trust Wade with her truth? Will she relinquish her brokenness and trust God’s plans for a future filled with hope?


He needs a wife. She has the perfect friend in mind. If only her heart wouldn’t get in the way …

Mikayla Harwood’s perfect life has just been turned upside down. She’s lost everything important in less than a week.

It would be fine if her parents weren’t suddenly leaving town to live in Cockleshell Bay. Now she has no one left in the city (thanks to her fickle boyfriend who suddenly decided he needed to be somewhere else).

Reluctantly, she agrees to go to Spindrift Cottage to decide what her future looks like. She reconnects with Pete Howell, her friend from a previous visit, and he provides a listening ear as she attempts to figure out her life.

But Pete has problems of his own to deal with. Thanks to his grandfather’s second wife, he’s in danger of losing the house and land that have been in his family for generations. Joyce is trying to secure it for her spoiled granddaughter and her ambitious husband-to-be. The only way it will stay in Pete’s family is if he finds a wife in the next three months. If he fails, the land his family has loved for so long will no longer be theirs.

Mikayla decides to help him out. Her friend Rachael wants to settle down with a husband, and Mikayla knows they’d make the perfect couple. The only problem is her own heart. It shouldn’t be this hard to see her friends together ...

Will Pete see the truth in time? Or will he make the biggest mistake of his life?

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