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March Week 1 - Author's Spotlight

I thought it would be easier to post books here rather than in my NL. That way you can find them whenever you want to. You can also go back and check out older books as well. Just click the image to check out the book!

Graphic artist Kieran Flynn moved to Southern California hoping to find success at an advertising agency--and to escape both the winter cold of his native Indiana and a broken relationship he still regrets. But after almost a year of struggling to find his footing, he's still feeling somewhat lost and unsure.

Then he stops at a tiny local cafe for lunch and meets soup-making whiz Jenna Dunn. Jenna too is hoping to forget a love that fell apart, but she's not sure that the way to do that is to open her heart to the handsome guy who keeps smiling at her, a guy who seems low-key and charming and not at all a phony Hollywood type.

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but can a bowl of extraordinary soup make everything right for two people who won't let themselves believe in a happily ever after?


All is not well at Longbourn…

When Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy visit Longbourn, they find Lydia returned to her former self. Now a widow, she begs to return with them to Pemberley and Elizabeth, seeing the burden her sister has been to Mr. and Mrs. Bennet, agrees.

Lydia pushes hard for a house party and gets her way. Mr. and Mrs. Bennet were also finding things rather difficult, Elizabeth invites them to Pemberley in the hopes that things will improve for them also.

But the house party brings revelations, personal considerations, and a gentleman named Mr. Bowman, who begins to show an interest in Lydia. With Elizabeth finding herself overly fatigued due to her pregnancy, will she be able to find the right words to advise Lydia? And will Mr. and Mrs. Bennet be able to resolve their difficulties? And what will happen when Elizabeth begins to find her pregnancy becoming all the more difficult?


A veteran amputee, a photographer with scars of her own, and the secret that stands in the way of their second chance at love.

Jax Carder’s leg wasn’t the only thing claimed by an explosion during his deployment overseas. The dust had barely settled before his relationship with a feisty brunette imploded. He’d been the rescuer when they’d met months before, but after the blast all she saw was a man in need of rescuing. Now he’s home and working for the Wounded Warriors Rescue where he’s been tasked with the job of rehabilitating a three-legged dog. That shouldn’t be too hard since he knows exactly what an amputee needs: respect and independence.

Riley McCracken met her guardian angel the day Jax saved her life from a band of terrorists. He was brave, strong, and completely fearless—all things she used to be. Ever since her rescue, she’s hidden near-crippling fears that strangled her relationship with the only man she ever truly loved. Now she’s on her way to Liberty Cove to claim an inheritance. She’ll have to decide whether to give in to her fears and accept the safety of small town life or put Jax and Liberty Cove in her rearview mirror and continue facing her demons alone.

Jax and Riley are on a collision course, and it’s up to them whether the torches they still carry will reignite the fires of love or set off a destructive explosion their uneasy relationship will never recover from.


She's a reporter. He must keep his identity hidden.

When tabloid reporter, Riley Campbell, lands the job to be Shadow Walker’s personal assistant for one week, she thinks the stars have finally aligned for her. She can spend an entire week digging around to figure out the masked pop singer’s true identity and get that promotion she desperately needs to save her father. But when things start to get personal with Shadow Walker, Riley has to decide if deceiving him really is the best plan.

Jalen Carter had never had a break in his life. That is, until he put on a mask that hid his burned skin and entered American Superstar, the popular singing competition that jumpstarted his career. Now his concerts are sold out nation-wide. The only problem? He must keep his identity a secret or all his fame could come crashing down around him. When the lovely Riley Campbell enters his life and makes him weak in the knees, he’s not sure what to do. Will revealing his true identity scare her away?

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