March Week 5 - Author's Spotlight

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

I thought it would be easier to post books here rather than in my NL. That way you can find them whenever you want to. You can also go back and check out older books as well. Just click the image to check out the book!

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Competing for a date with a handsome billionaire goes against everything she believes in, but she has no choice.

Five years ago, when Karlie Spencer found out her parents died in a plane crash, she quit college and rushed home to care for her two siblings. They became her priority, leaving no time for a relationship.

After losing her job, she auditions for a dating reality show and saw it only as a means of income until she found other work. She didn't count on falling for the billionaire bachelor, but when she looked beyond his arrogant demeanor, she saw a lonely man, hiding from pain.

A horrible accident haunted Drake Arnold, making him look to the show as a distraction from thoughts that plagued him. He had no intention of getting into a real relationship with anyone, but then he met Karlie. It wasn’t until his feelings ran deep that he suddenly realized...she might not be able to accept his past.

Can he push through the pain to find a future with Karlie? Or will they both walk away at the end, knowing it was never meant to go anywhere?


Sweet and laugh-out-loud romantic comedy shorts. Binge the complete collection now!

What I Don’t Like About You

Enemies Debbie and Mark are locked in a basement for a night.

A sweet and sizzling prequel to the series.

Dare Number One: Kiss Me Like You Mean It Best friends Holly and Cameron must record a make out session and upload it onto the internet.

Dare Number Two: Don’t Fall in Love Friends Michelle and Jonah must go to a couples retreat in Hawaii and participate in all the activities… but they CAN’T fall in love.

Dare Number Three: Pretend to be Mine

High school sweethearts Katia and Ryder must pretend to be engaged at a family wedding.


A choice between two very different gentlemen…

It has been a long time since Elizabeth Darcy, formerly Bennet, has been to London, although she is more than delighted to attend Georgiana!

Whilst still reserved, Georgiana grows in confidence, reveling in all that London has to offer. With both herself and Mr. Darcy hoping that Georgiana will find a suitable match, she is even more delighted when one Sir Edward begins to show an interest in her. However, the appearance of an old friend of Georgiana’s makes things all the more interesting, as Mr. Burnett also begins to eagerly seek out Georgiana’s company! With Elizabeth determined not to influence her sister-in-law in any way, she is forced to bite her tongue and remain silent when things go awry!

Will Georgiana be able to see each gentleman’s character for what they truly are? And will she

make the right decision when it comes to matters of the heart?


It was a mission like any other ... until it blew apart around them.

When the Army's Special Ops team is tasked with infiltrating the Columbian jungle and rescuing a kidnapped State Department family, the mission seems like every other one they've executed. As the assignment unravels, not only is the mission's success at stake, but all the brothers-in-arms leaving the jungle alive hangs in the balance.

Mission Out of Control is the prequel short story for both Vestige in Hope and the Stryker Security Force Series.


Have you ever felt like your life is spinning out of control?

Saints of the Old Testament and how God used them to control history

The first book serves as an introduction to God's plan for the redemption of mankind

Books 2-5 show how God worked through individuals in the Old Testament

If you look around the world and think there is no purpose to life, this series of books is a must read

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