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May 17, 2022 - Author's Spotlight

I thought it would be nice to post books here as well as in my NL. That way you can find them whenever you want to. You can also go back and check out older books as well. Just click the image to check out the book!


Stacey Perry knows it’s time to give up her dream of becoming a famous actress and return home to North Carolina. Though she’s happy she had a chance to try things her own way, once she reaches her grandparent’s bed and breakfast she tries to find peace and enjoyment there as she helps them. Soon, Aaron Murray, a handsome handyman with a past comes to help take care of the property while her aging grandfather recovers from surgery. Without even meaning to, the two become close friends, and then eventually discover they are exactly what they are each looking for.

When Stacey gets a call from her former agent informing her there is a chance in a lifetime audition for someone of her exact qualifications, she knows she has to go. She doesn’t want any regrets or what-ifs to plague her. But what if she gains one dream and loses the one and only chance she’ll have at finding true love? Can Aaron convince her to give up her dream for him and the dream they could have together, or will his past once again come back to haunt him?


She's working hard to get her life on track. She doesn't have room for distractions or setbacks. Especially the kind that include her brother's best friend.

It’s no secret that Sadie Evans is the black sheep of her family. The sassy drama queen who’s less reliable than the weather forecast. When she decides to move back to her hometown and focus on becoming a better person, she expects an uphill battle.

Which includes her oldest brother’s complete lack of faith that she’s made any improvement. All he cares about is that Sadie stays away from his best friend, Conner. Which would be easier if the handsome veterinarian wasn’t invited to every family dinner. Oh, and if she could get rid of this stupid crush on him.

After the end to a turbulent relationship, Conner Michaelson leaps at the chance to take over for a retiring veterinarian in Sunset Ridge, Alaska. Working side by side with his best friend in a small town promises fulfillment he never found in the city. The opportunity is everything he’d hoped it’d be.

Except, he didn’t expect to fall for his best friend’s little sister, Sadie.

There’s a rift between the siblings that he shouldn’t care about but can’t seem to stop obsessing over. And if he can’t leave it, or his feelings for Sadie, alone, it just might cost him everything.


Her first rule for a picture-perfect romance: Don’t fall for your best friend’s brother.

For most of her life, Aspen has hidden her feelings for the striking firefighter who is the older brother of her best friend. But when she quits her job to pursue photography full-time, she’s certain that getting away from her beach town is the answer for moving on with her heart.

It’s the perfect plan until her beloved great-aunt dies, leaving Aspen a beautiful inn on the beach. To complicate things, Matt has been living there in return for being the resident security guard and handyman. Moving in was not part of Aspen’s plan, but she’s left with no choice.

Despite her best efforts, she can’t get away from Matt, but there’s no way she’d risk her friendship with him to reveal her true feelings. It’s only when he offers to help her win a photography competition will she consider breaking her first rule of love. But she’s not sure she wants to take a chance with her heart.

Matt has always been tough under pressure. So why did he have a soft spot for Aspen? Despite his attempts to avoid her, their two worlds collide when Aspen inherits the inn. Now, he’s not only living down the hall from her, he’s bumping into her at every turn. In the hallway. At breakfast. In the middle of the night. It’s enough to make his defenses crumble. But is he brave enough to confess his feelings and compete for her love?

Helping her sell the inn and pursue her dream would be the perfect gift for Aspen. Except now that he’s near her, he doesn’t want to let her go.

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