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May Week 1 - Author's Spotlight

Updated: May 11, 2021

I thought it would be easier to post books here rather than in my NL. That way you can find them whenever you want to. You can also go back and check out older books as well. Just click the image to check out the book!


When she needed him most, he proposed to someone else. Can she risk putting her heart on the line again?

Eden grew up in front of the camera with fame-hungry parents who exposed every corner of their family’s life to a string of reality TV shows. Her only refuge was her best friend Noah. He was the anchor who kept her grounded. She didn’t realize she was falling for him until he fell in love with someone else.

Desperate to get away from her dysfunctional family and avoid the heartbreak of seeing Noah marry another woman, Eden left her hometown, dropped her infamous last name, and built a new life for herself. But when her little sister gets in trouble and pleads for Eden’s help, she doesn’t hesitate to go back.

Six years after his fiancée dumped him at the altar, Noah has found fulfillment running the youth ministry in his father’s church. When a young man under his pastoral care gets a girl pregnant, Noah’s there to give guidance and support. He’s not prepared to run into the expectant mother’s sister, his former best friend Eden.

Friendship deepens into attraction as Eden and Noah unite to protect the teen couple from Eden’s parents’ headline-seeking schemes. But twice-bitten Noah has thick walls around his heart, and Eden has forgotten how to trust. Will they miss their chance to build a life together?


He's out of money, she's trying to save her Nana's home...

Will their competing businesses keep them from their chance at love?

Caroline "Caro" Douglas adores running her chocolate shop in Oregon, away from the drama of her family back in Georgia. But when her Nana calls needing financial help, Caro must pull out all the stops in order to earn the money necessary to save her family's home. Too bad the man she just went on a date with is stealing all her customers.

Ever since the death of his mother, Jack Porter has done 2 things. Baked cookies in her memory, and never stayed in one place for more than a few weeks. Running a food truck that specializes in his mother's favorite cookie recipes has allowed him to avoid putting down roots or dealing with the loss of losing the one woman he could always count on. Until his truck breaks down in small town Oregon and a sassy blonde makes him rethink his nomad lifestyle.

Their attraction is enough to start a bonfire, but Caro needs Jack to keep moving if she's ever going to be able to help her Nana. Can they set aside their competing businesses long enough to find love? Or will their family backgrounds be enough to drive them apart?


Player Prentice. It's the nickname Adam Prentice has carried for years. A reputation that he's carved well for himself. Except it's a reputation based on a lie. Most people think he's the life of the party, always one for a good time, never serious and can't hold down a relationship. And he's more than happy to be known as Serenity Bay's player and practical joker. Because beneath his carefree attitude, is a ton of hurt he's tried to forget.

Barista Josie Pascoe can't stand the local police officer. His wisecracks and smart-alec comments aren't funny. They're downright annoying, and she wishes he'd just grow up. She wishes her family would grow up too, and stop relying on her to solve their problems.

When a family crisis arises, Josie needs help. Adam Prentice is the last person she wants to ask. And the last thing she needs is his charity to drive her to visit her family. Dealing with her family's issues is enough trouble on its own without throwing the wise-cracking cop into the mix. But she's desperate, and surely it won't be that hard to share the journey with him.

Will the road ahead be smooth sailing, or filled with twists and turns that uncover secrets they've both kept hidden?


Mama Meditations, the series, are devotional books/gratitude journals designed for moms determined to grow closer to God while becoming whole, healthy Christian parents. Mama Meditations Volumes I and II each contain 60 entries, life lessons and spiritual reflections, by author Bethany Wallace.

Stories and life lessons: 60 entries in story format help readers become the moms and Christians God created us to be. Readers seeking encouragement & support in recovery programs will especially benefit from the author's experience & mention of recovery principles.

Prayer prompts and Scripture: Use the prayer prompt after each entry to guide your prayer time and Scriptural meditation, connecting you personally to Christ during your devotional quiet time.

Gratitude journal: Take time to create a unique gratitude list, reflecting on your own unique experiences as a mom.

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