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May Week 3 - Author's Spotlight

I thought it would be easier to post books here rather than in my NL. That way you can find them whenever you want to. You can also go back and check out older books as well. Just click the image to check out the book!


After the death of her fiance, the last thing Ginger Riley was looking for was romance, especially with someone like billionaire Chandler Briggs.

He was everything she stood against: arrogant, superficial, and above all else, infuriating.

She would do anything to keep her distance from him, but fate had other ideas. After Chandler agrees to partner with Ginger in a charity project, Ginger must learn how to cope with her dislike for Chandler.

But in the process, she discovers that he is much more than she gave him credit for.

With each encounter they have, Chandler reveals an attentive and caring side of him that leaves Ginger wanting more. But, by giving into her rapidly changing feelings for Chandler, will Ginger be betraying herself and the memory of her last love?

As romance blossoms, one resounding question pushes Ginger and Chandler to their breaking point: Will they be able to find their own happily ever after, or will their differences destroy their chances for a fairy tale ending?


She's a princess doubting the rules of royalty. He's the bodyguard tasked with keeping her in line. Will a relationship destroy both of their goals?

Princess Emma Somerset struggles to find purpose and fulfillment in her life. With her brother and cousins all married and in their new roles, she’s the only one left at the palace. When Queen Nicolette, her aunt, asks Emma to undertake a trip to the north as a good-will ambassador, she agrees, despite her lack of experience.

Ryan Sterling is a new protection officer for the royal house of Durham. He has aspirations for a high-profile assignment, but when Princess Emma’s long-time female bodyguard is injured a week before departure, he’s called to replace her. Now he’s stuck babysitting a spoiled princess instead of proving his worth to advance his career.

After floods strand Emma and Ryan in the remote countryside during the trip, their fledgling friendship slowly turns into something more. But is a new relationship between them doomed to fail when they return to the palace?


He's a tough ex-military cowboy still in love with his best friend. She's a widow, heartbroken and still angry at the first man she ever loved for leaving seven years ago...

Wyatt Callahan never thought he’d return home to Callahan ranch, but life gave him no other choice. The death of a close friend in his military unit and more recently his adopted dad’s passing sent him reeling, with a new need to right old wrongs.

Abby Meadows Hart spent her childhood on her family's ranch, next door to the Callahan family. Abby fell in love with Wyatt, but when her dreams of marrying him were crushed, she agreed to marry the man of her parents choosing. Married only a few short years, unexpectedly Abby was left a widow.

All alone and drowning in debt, her one goal was to keep the only thing that gave her a sense of belonging... her ranch. She’s desperate to hold onto the one place that has given her a sense of belonging. Especially when all the people she loved have left her abandoned and wounded.

At Wyatt Callahan's sudden return back to their small town, Abby is in turmoil. Still grieving and in pain, she's still angry at the man who left her seven years ago.

It seems that every time Wyatt and Abby clear one obstacle, another one looms larger in the path just ahead. Can they move on from their painful pasts and embrace a second chance a love?

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