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October 11, 2022 - Author's Spotlight

I thought it would be nice to post books here as well as in my NL. That way you can find them whenever you want to. You can also go back and check out older books as well. Just click the image to check out the book!


★★ Curl up with a cowboy this Christmas! ★★

Ring in the holiday season with 23 heartwarming sweet contemporary romances from USA Today and Top 100 Kindle Unlimited All-Star bestselling authors!

Discover second chance romance, love at first sight, small-town Christmas cheer, swoony single dads, enemies to lovers, snowed-in with the cowboy, and many more stories featuring the cowboy next door. Fall in love with the hunky heroes of this limited-edition Christmas cowboy romance collection. CHRISTMAS WISHES & COWBOY KISSES features brand new clean and wholesome romances by:

  • USA Today Bestselling Author Liz Isaacson

  • USA Today Bestselling Author Shanna Hatfield

  • USA Today Bestselling Author Lacy Williams

  • USA Today Bestselling Author Carolyne Aarsen

  • USA Today Bestselling Author Melissa McClone

  • USA Today Bestselling Author Kit Morgan

  • USA Today Bestselling Author Laura Ashwood

  • Natalie Dean

  • Terri Lorah

  • Cynthia Woolf

  • Kathleen Ball

  • Macie St. James

  • Christina Butrum

  • Terri Grace

  • April Murdock

  • Hannah Jo Abbott

  • Amelia C. Adams

  • Josephine Blake

  • Heather Blanton

  • Catie Cahill

  • Parker J. Cole

  • RL Ashly

  • Christine Sterling


A Billionaire Influencer determined to receive his inheritance, a childhood friend risking everything to protect her aunts, and a marriage of convenience.

Billionaire Gabe Stevenson is a well known and well loved by millions. He’s got it all... except for the one thing he wants most: Walker's Island.

There's only one problem: Great Grandfather's will stipulates he must marry by his 27th birthday to receive his inheritance. He only has 6 weeks until the deadline.

Rory Shepard grew up on Walker's Island. For so long she's been alone with only her three aunts except for summers spent with her childhood friend, Gabe Stevenson.

Now she's running scared. Someone has gone to great lengths to bring fear to their normally safe Island. Rory is desperate for help.

Will being forced together tear Gabe and Rory apart, or rather catapult them towards true love?


A decade ago they eloped in Vegas, and not long after her father demanded they get their marriage annulled. Too bad the paperwork went missing, and they're actually still husband and wife.

Emma Watkins busted the century-and-a-half old myth that kissing your first love on the town's historical bridge ends with a happily ever after. They kissed all right and even got married. But then her world spun on her its axis and fell apart when Miles broke her heart and all his promises, so she followed her dream to New York and made something truly successful of herself. When her sister calls and tells her things are dire on the family Christmas tree farm, Emma is on the first plane home to help save things.

Miles has poured himself into being the best sous chef he can be at one of the most premiere restaurants the local ski resort has to offer. It's not the restaurant he always dreamed of opening himself, but he kissed that dream goodbye the night he left Emma waiting for him at the bus station, and never showed up. He never expected for her to come home, or to run into her almost everywhere.

And he certainly didn't expect to get paired with her again for the Sweetheart Games, especially when he didn't sign up.

The towns Matchmakers are at work again, trying to mend a marriage broken by young love and feuding families. Not only do they set Emma up for the annual Christmas bachelorette auction at the Christmas dance, they pair them together for the Christmas baking contest too. No matter how much distance they try to keep between each other, Emma and Miles find themselves stuck together at one holiday event after another, and eventually, their walls come down.

But will wounds from their past let them work enough toward the future to still have a happily ever after?

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