October 4, 2022 - Author's Spotlight

I thought it would be nice to post books here as well as in my NL. That way you can find them whenever you want to. You can also go back and check out older books as well. Just click the image to check out the book!


Whispers in Cherry Blossom Cove

With the town drunk for a father and a mother who abandoned him when he was only a child, Ryder learned early on that the world can be a cold, unforgiving place. Only two people in his life ever attempted to understand him…neighbor Mama Stallings and high school sweetheart Ali MacLaren.

But even their love is sacrificed when a tragic accident chases Ryder from the town that's labeled him trouble. Years later, when he’s called home by Mama Stallings, he finds that Ali is considering marriage to a man who will stop at nothing to remove Ryder from Cherry Blossom Cove, and Ali's life, forever.

Warrior in Cherry Blossom Cove

Hunter Stone rides a bright future as a major league baseball pitcher until a senseless accident steals the life of an innocent child, as well as Hunter’s hopes of a long and celebrated career. Disgraced, he flees Cherry Blossom Cove in search of a different path.

Maci Ferguson uses her gift of music to help children overcome trauma. Melodies soothes her wounded heart and the scars caused by memories that refuse to fade. She fears she may never trust a man to love her...until Hunter returns to Cherry Blossom Cove.

Wishes in Cherry Blossom Cove

Mason Donovan returns to Cherry Blossom Cove carrying guilt over a secret that he’s convinced implicates him in the death of an innocent child. He aims to make things right…and hopes for a second chance to restore his shattered relationship with Josie Parker.

Josie Parker’s carrying a secret or two of her own, but when her bookstore needs an expansion, she calls the best builder in the South: Mason Donovan.

Mason and Josie must face the past in order to forge a future together. But will their love be enough?

Wedding in Cherry Blossom Cove

Brody Simmons and high school sweetheart Catherine Jones planned to marry until a tragic accident ruptured the course of their lives. Both went their separate ways, Catherine to medical school and Brody to the unbridled coast of the Florida Keys.

Mistakes of the past gnaw at Brody until he returns to Cherry Blossom Cove to launch an outdoor adventure camp meant to instill confidence in wayward teens. His hope is that the rigorous work will finally help him forget the only woman he’s ever loved—Catherine.


She needs a hero to save her beloved bookshop. He needs a girlfriend to satisfy his mother’s dying wish. Can this grump and sunshine pair work out the perfect deal for a happily ever after?

If Cassidy Woods could make one dream come true, it would be to save her struggling bookshop from closing its doors. So when wealthy investor Liam Henry announces he is shutting down her store, Cassidy will do anything to change his mind, including becoming his girlfriend.

Liam Henry is running out of time. His mother’s final wish is that he’d meet the girl of his dreams before it’s too late. But Liam doesn’t stand a chance without some kind of help. No woman can see past his grumpy exterior to discover if he has a beating heart under his designer suit.

When his mother advertises his search for a girlfriend, Liam makes the best and worst plan of his life: ask Cassidy to become his fake girlfriend. Too bad she’s his gorgeous employee who’s about to get axed from her job.

Cassidy’s sunshine is the perfect opposite to his grump, forcing Liam to make an outrageous trade off he’s destined to regret.

Now everybody’s happy, except the mismatched couple who are headed toward a bumpy road that unravels every tightly constructed argument they’ve put up against love.

In the end, only one of them can win.

When they’re thrown together in a race against time, will a plot twist they didn’t see coming ruin everything?

Or will they discover that in fooling everyone, the only person who’s fallen for it is themselves?


They were best friends in high school just beginning to date when he abruptly left. Now Wyatt Galloway is home to help on the farm and raise his toddler son, since his wife died.

The last person Wyatt wants to see after sixteen years is Sierra Delaney. He hurt her once and never wants to again. But Sierra has returned home to save Delaney’s diner, which she inherited. She’s catering at the farm when she unexpectedly meets up with Wyatt.

In addition to struggling to keep the diner, Sierra faces a recent health issue that makes everyday life more challenging, and has her questioning her purpose. When Wyatt shares his reasons for leaving, and she sees a little boy in need of a mother, her attitude softens.

As Wyatt and Sierra lean on each other and look toward the future, can they find their way back to one another?

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