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October Week 1 - Author's Spotlight

I thought it would be easier to post books here rather than in my NL. That way you can find them whenever you want to. You can also go back and check out older books as well. Just click the image to check out the book!


There WILL be a royal wedding. The only question--who will be my groom?

An arranged marriage isn’t the worst fate for a princess like me. Especially because I’ve been in love with my intended groom since we were children.

But when my prince shows up with an American girlfriend instead of an engagement ring, all arrangements are off.

The clock is nearing midnight--I won’t turn into a pumpkin, but if I’m not wed by summer’s end, I’ll forfeit my kingdom. Just your typical royal dilemma.

Out of sheer desperation, I make a deal with a devilish duke. Rafe de Silva is the prince’s rival and has a plan so ridiculous it just might work.

One moment, Rafe seems to relish making the prince jealous.

And the next… he’s making me question everything with his words, his touch, and his ability to melt my Ice Princess persona.

I’m not always given the luxury of choice, but now I have a huge one to make. I only hope I don't lose my crown, my heart, or myself in the process…


One secret is enough to change her life forever.

When Harper left Lucas on their wedding day, it was the hardest decision she ever made—one that would tear her apart for the next five years.

Lucas hasn’t seen or heard from Harper since the worst day of his life—the day she left him at the altar without any explanation. The last place he expects to run into her is on his vacation at Silverstone Ranch. Seeing her awakens all the old feelings, and he resolves to put her betrayal aside and win her back, if only he can discover what went wrong the first time.

The man she never stopped loving is back in her life, and Harper is terrified. She can't bear the thought that Lucas might discover her secret and loathe her for it. But how can she hide the fact that the little boy she's caring for...

is their son?


The-One-That-Got-Away is BACK and I want him more than ever!

There are a million reasons why I should delete Carter's number.

We're over. Our relationship is dead. My heart––as my german uncle would put it––is "kaputt." But when he calls me, I still get butterflies in my stomach.

Normal people wouldn't pick up. Even letting myself hear the sound of his voice is like playing with fire. But I DO take the call, and it's equally thrilling and devastating.

Carter needs a favor. And it's a big one. His Grandma is having a birthday party at some fancy resort. The entire family is invited. The problem is... she has dementia and thinks Carter and I are still engaged.

"I need you to do this, and I promise if you still want nothing to do with me after the weekend, you'll never hear from me again."

I gulp.

I guess pretending to be engaged to me is easier than reminding his sweet Grandma every ten minutes that we broke up.

Well... I could do with a vacation and maybe it'll give me the closure I need to finally