September 13, 2022 - Author's Spotlight

I thought it would be nice to post books here as well as in my NL. That way you can find them whenever you want to. You can also go back and check out older books as well. Just click the image to check out the book!


This book is on sale for 99¢ on September 13, 2022

A big city therapist hoping on change, a cowboy turned veteran haunted by the past, and the surly teenager who brings them together.

Megan Eldridge left her corporate therapy practice, hoping to bring about a sense of belonging. Hope Lake held that promise. After following her friend, Chasity, to the small town, a series of unlikely events lead her to accept a position at Camp Hope, a camp designed to help foster kids find forever homes.

When a sullen teenager works her way into Megan's heart, she sees her life-changing for the better until the girl's gorgeous uncle shows up at exactly the wrong moment. Tyler captures her heart without even trying, but his past keeps him at a distance and threatens her hopeful future.

Tyler Durango returns from his last tour of active duty with too much on his plate to handle without adding his sister's teenage daughter, but she is the only family he has left. When he meets the hot therapist that has her heart set on adopting his niece, his entire world turns upside down.

Tyler is about to walk away, doing the bigger thing and allowing them their happiness when Megan's life is threatened. Now he has to decide between protecting his heart or his niece and the woman he can't get out of his head.

When the threat increases and lives are at stake, they will have to believe in hope or lose everything.


This book is FREE September 14-18, 2022

A new kindergarten teacher. The five-year-old’s single dad. All that stands between them is one heavy secret.

Shelby Beaton is brand-new to the small coastal town of Hartport. She’s not running from her pain. She’s running toward an opportunity to serve God at Freedom Academy.

When danger threatens the small school, Lincoln Kallock brings his security team to protect the students. He quickly notices his daughter’s new teacher. She’s beautiful, kind, and brave.

She wants nothing to do with him. But fate keeps pushing them together, and despite her icy walls, she starts to warm up to him. Can he convince her to share her burden, so he can help her heal?


The complete, five-book collection of sweet, second chance romances from the To Love a Billionaire series.

  • The Billionaire Needs a Wife: Luke is given a marriage ultimatum, which, if he refuses, will result in losing the charity he built with his father. When his ex, Lauren, breezes back into his life, he sees an opportunity to marry for love. But will Lauren believe his intentions?

  • The Billionaire Needs a Date: Sawyer didn’t make the best first impression with Kelsea, so when he begs her to bid on him in a bachelor charity auction, she insists he show her a good time to repay her favor. What Sawyer didn’t expect was how fast Kelsea could steal his heart. When reminded they live in two very different worlds, Sawyer and Kelsea realize their love might be impossible.

  • The Billionaire Needs a Kiss: Hugh and Sabrina once were best friends, but their falling out obliterated their relationship. Bumping into each other when she’s down on her luck, Hugh offers Sabrina a job. She insists they keep things professional, but when Hugh disarms her with his kindness and she lets her guard down, she’s reminded there’s no such thing as happily ever after.

  • The Billionaire Needs a Life: Fletcher thought his childhood enemy, Gemma, was crazy when she introduced him as her fiancé, except there’s something he can gain from the ruse, too. He wants Gemma to accompany him to a family reunion to convince everyone that they’re madly in love. The problem? When it’s over, they might not want the feelings to end.

  • The Billionaire Needs a Gift: There’s nothing worse than falling for the competition, so when Emily discovers Clive is also vying for the same veterinarian practice she is, Emily protects her heart with a brick wall of professionalism. Clive could let his feelings for Emily remain in the past, except his love for her is impossible to deny. But, if one of them doesn’t concede their claim to the vet business, there might not be a future for them.

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