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September 20, 2022 - Author's Spotlight

I thought it would be nice to post books here as well as in my NL. That way you can find them whenever you want to. You can also go back and check out older books as well. Just click the image to check out the book!


Fear says you can't. Love says you must. Elaine Kent hopes a new name, a new town, and a new job will help heal her wounded spirit. All she wants is a quiet life free from her traumatic past. When a battered female teen escapes into her store, Elaine has seconds to decide if helping is worth the risk. Helping the hurt teen lands Elaine in the middle of a human trafficking ring and back into a world of fear and danger.

When Judah Demski walks into Elaine’s store with his daughter to buy a present, life takes a quick turn toward relationship land. But Elaine wants to remain in the friend zone. Her past and their presence threaten to unravel her a new comfortable lifestyle.

To save herself, and Judah and his daughter, Elaine knows she needs a hero … or the courage to become one.


A love at first sight, suspense romance.


Discovering my whole life is built on lies sends me on a quest to find my birth parents, and almost lands me in jail. Luckily for me, Detective Jackson Lamont swoops in and saves me from an uncomfortable night in a cell. And it just so happens, Jackson is the skinny senior I tutored in high school, only now he's six-feet-five of mouth-watering man. It's all too easy to lose myself in his warm gaze and strong embrace, and forget about my messed up life. But as our attraction grows, my search for answers takes a deadly turn, and the only man who can save from a deluded monster is a monster himself--my father.


In the five years since I've seen Talia, she's blossomed into most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on. She pulls me effortlessly into her orbit and unleashes protective instincts I never knew I had. When I discover that Talia is caught up in the case I'm working on, I vow to do anything to protect the woman who's stolen my heart and keep her safe.


Turning a dude ranch into a sleepaway camp is no easy feat, but Ryan is up for the job. A beautiful fashionista soon has him reimagining more than the ranch.

Ryan Hunt has a job to do. He’s been brought in for one week to help the Calhoun family learn how to run a youth camp. He doesn’t have time to be distracted by a beautiful, intriguing woman.

Cate Calhoun is tired of being passed over for responsibilities on the ranch. She has her eye on the newly available job of camp director, but nobody in her family seems to think she can handle it. Ryan Hunt may be the key to learning what she needs to know to do the job.

Although Ryan is her exact opposite, she finds herself drawn to him anyway. But Ryan is known as a heartbreaker, and it’s clear he has no interest in settling down. The more they get to know each other, though, the more Ryan begins to see that Cate is different from all the women he’s ever known.