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September Week 4 - Author's Spotlight

I thought it would be easier to post books here rather than in my NL. That way you can find them whenever you want to. You can also go back and check out older books as well. Just click the image to check out the book!


Neither of them wants to get married, especially not to each other.

Isabella visits her friend Cassie in Two Hearts, Tennessee. Bella’s ready to go back to the city almost as soon as she arrives. And she has a situation to take care of when she gets home.

Micah may want to stay in his small town, but his family has other plans for him. He has two choices to solve his problem. He has to get married—soon—or move to the city. Neither appeals to him, but one may be better than the other.

These two strike a deal to . . . get married by Monday. Falling in love isn’t even an option. This marriage is a temporary solution for both of them.

Then why won’t their hearts stay out of it?


When Love Gives You Lemons, Make Lemon Pie.

Ambitious pastry chef Mila Warner dreams of winning the Taste of the North Shore Festival bake-off, hoping it will catapult her onto the regional food scene once and for all. Maybe claiming the top prize will be her ticket to earning a livable income without holding down three jobs, including the pleasant but stagnant job of overseeing the kitchen staff at Blueberry Point Lodge. Her only problem is paying that hefty entry fee.

As interim editor of the Lakeshore Weekly, Cam Beckett is sticking around long enough for his publisher to find someone else to fill the role. He has four weeks to plan a special supplement for the local food festival. His first task—interviewing Mila Warner who has charmed the local food scene—and him—with her custom picnics and sought-after pastries.

When a mysterious benefactor steps forward to sponsor Mila, her dream is within reach. But the gift comes with a condition, one Mila isn’t sure she’s willing to meet, especially if the strings are attached to someone’s heart.


I can never date my boss. Ever. Or I’ll be thrown into a pit of mice--the most horrible death imaginable! (Will someone please explain that to my grandma?)


How did this happen? I’ve fallen for West, while I’m fake-dating his brother, the rockstar. And technically, they’re both my bosses!

Does this mean I’ll have to die twice by intense mouse-terror?


My grandma tried to set me up with Harmony, but I rejected the idea before I met her.

Big mistake! Turns out Harmony is adorable, even dripping wet and splattered with mud.

Thanks to me, Harmony’s now dating my brother. Yeah, it’s a fake relationship, but I’ll never win her back from my famous brother.

That’s what happens when I try to find a way around my meddling grandma’s crazy plans. No one gets the best of GeeBee!


West and I shared a kiss!

I thought it was dreamy, but he’s been avoiding me ever since. No doubt, I’m an awful kisser.

But I’m not giving up! I’ve been studying new kissing techniques from a magazine article. If I get another chance, I’ll be ready…


I absolutely, positively can never kiss Harmony again. Her kisses explode all the brain cells that control common sense.

If my brother finds out I’m into Harmony, he might not record her song on his album.

I can’t reveal my true feelings when Harmony’s future success and happiness is on the line.


Can the high school coach convince the city manager that small town love is better than big city stress?

Sedona Letts had bigger plans for her life than Reunion Ridge. She left the small town and never looked back…until now. After her doctor warns her about potential dangers of the constant high pressure of her City Manager’s job made even more stressful with the recent election of new council members, her sister’s broken leg presents Sedona with the perfect opportunity to take a breather and return to Reunion Ridge to help with the family's B&B. But when she reconnects with old flame Lane Tomkins, her blood pressure spikes for a different reason.

High School Coach Lane Tomkins can’t understand why most of his students yearn for big city living. Reunion Ridge has it all. A community of caring men and women, families that have lived there for generations, and the best small-town sports. Everyone comes out to support their games. But Sedona had been that same way, her eyes sparkling whenever she talked about moving away for college. Him? How could one ever survive the tragedies of life—like his wife’s passing—without the support of family and friends.

Lane doesn’t play games off the field, but he definitely aims to win Sedona back. So when the mayor calls and tries to woo Sedona back to the city, Lane will have to pull out every secret play in his game plan arsenal to convince her that small town love is better than big city stress. Will she finally realize the treasure she left behind in Reunion Ridge? Faith. Family. Friends. Him.

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