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What happens in a small town....Afftect everyone!


From enemies to lovers, second chances, and prime romances, the short stories in this book will give you hours of enjoyment.


Kirsten and Tristan show that first impressions don't have to be lasting ones when they learn to work together in Small Town Dreams.


Molly and Dillon prove that second chances do exist, especially when true love is involved in Small Town Second Chances.


Tess and Samuel show that people can change for the better when faced with extraordinary circumstances in Small Town Rivals.


And Tabitha and Jamison prove that love can happen even in your fifties in Small Town Life.


USA Today Best selling author Lorana Hoopes has created a small town you will love with characters you'll want more of. Grab all four of these clean short stories in this bundle collection today by clicking above.

Life in a Small Town - Small Town Shorts Collection paperback

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