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A second chance for Christmas?


Marrying Dillon Fields was all Kaitlyn Bell thought about in high school. Until he decided he needed to see the world. She waited for him to come home, but when the communication stopped, she kind of gave up on love. Focused on her work, she's been happy, but something is missing. More like someone. When she is asked to redecorate the Fields' winter lodge, she is hesitant at first, but after being assured Dillon won't be there, she takes the job.


Dillon Fields thought he wanted to see the world, but ten years after leaving his hometown, he finds himself unable to commit to a relationship. After a bit of soul searching, he realizes it's because he's never gotten over his high school sweetheart, Kaitlyn. Unfortunately, he has no idea where she is now. Luckily for Dillon, when he decides to spend the Christmas holiday with his mother at their lodge, he gets more than he bargained for.


Will Kaitlyn and Dillon get their second chance or will their past keep them apart?


A new inspirational Christian romance by Amazon best selling author Lorana Hoopes, this story focuses on second chances and trusting God to bring the right people into your life at the right time. Follow the journey by clicking the button above.

Love Renewed paperback

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